Polymer waterproof membrane will become the main battlefield of industrial upgrading

“In the blueprint for the development of the waterproof industry in the new era, more durable and environmentally friendly polymer waterproofing membranes have attracted widespread attention. Polymer waterproofing membranes such as TPO, PVC, EPDM, and HDPE are widely used. Roofs, important public Construction, tunnels and underground engineering, urban underground pipeline corridors and other fields have been used more and more, and have become an important force leading the technological progress of the industry and realizing industrial upgrading.” Chaowen, director of the Suzhou Waterproof Research Institute of China Academy of Building Materials The 3rd Polymer Waterproof Membrane Industry Development Seminar was held.

The third polymer waterproof membrane industry development seminar was jointly organized by “China Building Waterproofing” magazine, Suzhou Waterproof College, China Building Materials Science Research Institute and Qingdao University of Science and Technology.

At the symposium, China Academy of Railway Sciences, China Academy of Building Science and Technology, Beijing Urban Construction Design and Development Group Co., Ltd., Qingdao Municipal Design and Research Institute, Qingdao University of Science and Technology, Qingdao Metro Group, Soprema, Sika Pei Erna, experts, scholars and related technicians from scientific research institutions, universities, construction units, design units and material production units conducted in-depth discussions on the key factors affecting the quality of polymer waterproofing membrane products and engineering. .

The future of polymer waterproof materials is huge

Qingdao University of Science and Technology is the earliest university engaged in polymer research in China. Professor Qiu Guixue of Qingdao University of Science and Technology said that polymer waterproof materials have high strength, good flexibility at low temperatures, high elongation, and strong adaptability, which solves the problem of easy cracking of traditional waterproof materials, thereby ensuring waterproof performance. Waterproof quality polymer waterproof materials are corrosion-resistant, aging-resistant, and have a long service life. Generally, synthetic polymer waterproof membranes have more than 10 years of durability.

Qiu Guixue believes that the polymer waterproof membrane can be made into various colors by adding pigments during the production process, and it can also play a decorative role while being waterproof.

In addition, the production process of polymer waterproof materials has less pollution, can realize green manufacturing, can be cold-constructed, and meet the national environmental protection standards.

Many people have the same opinions as Qiu Guixue. During the meeting, some representatives told reporters that the country is now strict in environmental protection. Due to non-compliance, local residents reported some asphalt waterproofing companies. Some have stopped production for rectification and installed environmental protection equipment; some have been punished by government agencies. Had to close the door. Polymer waterproof membrane is a waterproof product encouraged by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The production of polymer waterproof materials is relatively green and environmentally friendly. In the future, polymer waterproof membranes with good weather resistance and environmental friendliness will inevitably have more room for development.

“The waterproof concept and construction technology of the pre-paved polymer waterproofing membrane are conducive to its application in subway waterproofing.” said Hu Yonghong, a professor-level senior engineer at Beijing Urban Construction Design and Development Group Co., Ltd., using polymer waterproofing in open-cut constructions The concepts of material, pre-laying and anti-sticking are matched with the construction method. It can be built on a wet foundation. The environmental protection, durability and climate adaptability of the polymer waterproof membrane are conducive to subway construction. In the construction of mining method, compared with the traditional waterproof board, many polymer waterproof materials are welded, which helps to reduce the flow of water.

Post time: Apr-20-2021